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Tattoo or not tattoo?

Posted on: May 13, 2009

So guys, let’s talk about tattoos.

Tribal tattoo design

Tribal tattoo design

I DON’T have one (really), been thinking about having one…but today your question made me think.

Do you have one? Like it? Why(not)?

Would like to have one?

Any regrets?

Well, We’ve started this discussion in our class (my I2 ss know what I’m talking about).

Lemme know what you think,




24 Responses to "Tattoo or not tattoo?"

I think really cool,but small.It´s so cute

Hey Babe, it´s me!! Love you!!! Kisses.

I love you too

Hey, friend!

I’ve just answered your questions on my own blog!!!! heheheheheh

Go there!!!!!



Hi teacher!
Não acredito que você fez mesmo!!
Adoreiiii.. hahahah
Vou comentar sempre.
Faz uma tattoo sim, vai ficar super cool !!

Hey, Dani!
Well, I think tattoos are cool. I’d love to get one, a small Tinkerbell on my ankle. But I’m too scared of the pain… I wish I could do it with some anesthesics…
Miss you!!!

hi dani!
i absolutely LOVE tattoos. too bad i’m too old for them.

You should really enjoy it..Good idea!But don`t forget to show us next class.

Tattoos are GREAT!!
I don’t have one, but I have already decided about what and where.
What am I wainting for? I don’t know.
Beijo beijo

Hi, Dani,

I don’t have any tattoos, but I have nothing against them. I just think you should be extra careful with the area that has been tattoed – I mean, wearing sunblock & stuff – so that it doesn’t get sore when you go to the beach.

Speaking of tattoos reminded me of something else: pierced ears. Are your ears pierced? Today, it’s REALLY common, both for men & for women. But that wasn’t always the case. I remember that when I was around 9 or 10 (a long, long time ago :-)), my grandfather used to say that only indians had their ears pierced, and he didn’t approve of it. Consequently, I just had my ears pierced when I was over 18.

What about you? Do you have pierced ears? And how do you feel about piercings in general?


I have my ears pierced and I had my nose pierced too. I loved my nose piercing and thought it was really cool, but I had a problem. The feeling of sth inside my nose troubled me…I felt like touching it all the time…it kinda bugged me, you know?
Nowadays I don’t think about having any other areas of my body pierced, but I have nothing against it. I just think it’s one more thing to care care of, wash, etc. At the moment I can’t afford having anything else to think about.I’m just too busy…. I barely take cgood care of my hair – ahhahahaahhahaha, at least I think it should be better taken care of.
what about you guys? wdyt?

E ai teacher, o seu blog está irado! faz uma tattoo sim, vai ficar demais! vc tem q postar uma foto da sua coleção de all star! hahahahaha. ja estou com saudades, te adoro mtt!

beeeeijos =)

I’m thinking about it….
About my sneakers….I LOVED the idea
will take a picture as soon as I can
luv u 2

Teacher, seu blog tá lindo! A-do-rei todos os posts. E sobre a tatuagem.. AMO! Meu sonho é fazer pelo menos uma. Faz siiiiiiim =) E também gostei da idéia da foto com seus all star’s. Beijoooos

I for one LOVE tattoos and piercings.

Currently Have 16 piercings and and 6 tattoos.

Tattoos don’t hurt as much as ppl make them sound..the only difficault part of a tattoo is what to get and where your going to put it. my sugustion is to make up your own design so its unique and beautiful. =D

tatoos are a cute thing some times and others they become just a mess you want to forget or get rid off, if you want one you have to think of several things, one its something you will have your entire life so it has to be special for you and have a meaning other wise you will regret it after some years, two you have to be sure where you want it if you are going to show it or its going to be some thing special, and the most important thing you have to make sure the shop has the proper licence and all neddles are new and everything nice and clean. and dont go alone so you have moral support and dont get into un necesary trouble.

soo now you have the basics pick or design your own tattoo and go for it.


i think that tat would look hella sexy on you.
your a really pretty girl u can pretty much pull off anything

I’ve been under the needle 5 soon to be 6 times and I have absolutely no regrets. I love all of mine and I plan on having many more as well. I will say this though mine have gotten progressively bigger and the pain, no matter the placement of the tat, has gone down. Now it actually feels pretty good kind of like a massage. That may sound a bit odd but thats my view on it. Besides its all about the pain the ink is just a souvenir

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im getting a tattoo today or tomorrow. I have one drawn on my body yesterday and i want to permanently apply it. im in love. So follow your heart, no regrets. best of luck.

hi, i got my tattoo when i wsa 17, i am 18 now. i love my tattoo but as i got it done when i was on holiday the quality is not as good and needs touching up, my only regret with it is that i shuda waited till i turned 18 and had it dont by a english tattoo artist and then i would not need it touching up now.

when i got it i though about were to have it for a long time as i wanted it in a place to hide as i am a watersports instructor, but i also wanted it to be easily seen at the right times.

mine is on my right side/belly touching the inside of my right hip bone. when the needle first touched my skin it was reay painful then it got lighter until they got near the bone then it was realy painful again but after the parts by the bone it just felt like your phone was vibrating on your stomach.

i am looking to have a more done soon as they are just fab once you have it done, just deciding where is the issue as i need to cover them up .

I have one tattoo at the moment, and looking to get a few more. I personally love it, and can’t wait to be tattooed again. My only problem is selecting the right tattoo and a perfect place to put it. I have absolutely no regrets about my first one, and don’t think I ever will. It was something that represented something in my life, and therefore I will always appreciate it.

I have two tattoos at the moment, but I`m looking forward to my third ones. Great website!

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