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Japanese food

Posted on: May 14, 2009

I love Japanese food, do you?

Why don’t we share tips?

What’s the best Japanese food  restaurant in RIO?

I love manekineko, but it’s really expensive.

What about you?




15 Responses to "Japanese food"

Hi Dani! That’s a great initiative!! Congratulations for the blog! You ROCK!!! 🙂

So… about Japanese food, I cannot say I’m a real fan of… but, on the other hand, I really LOVE the hot options… like Hot Philadelphia and so on. They are not a kind of light food as pop-up into our minds when thinking on Japanese food but they are simply delicious! 🙂 How about you? Like’m?

One place which mixes Japa with Chinese food that I appreciate for having a good lunch is the TAIPING restaurant at Rio Sul Shopping. The buffet is not cheap but what da @#%* is cheap there?! =D Beyond the exposed buffet you can order special japanese dishes at your table…. Hot-Mix and grilled shrimps are my best choices… Try yours!


Well Daniel, what can I say?
I love them! I’ll try TAIPING an let u know if I liked it
bjo bjo

hi dani,
my fave is Sushimar Gavea. most cost-effective option in town. they have deliciously fresh fish and an all-u-can-eat service on weekends (just for lunch). u definitely shd try it

thanks for the tip

Hellow Danni…fish fry,grilled fish,from sea,freshwater,either kind of fish will do…but raw?no kidding..it`s worth while?A soldier do it only to survival..what about a trout with white winw?I think it`s better,isn`t it?

You mean raw fish???? Isn’t that for people who can not cook???
I wonder why they have to charge so much for something they don’t even spend on fire, gas, electricity…
Love it!! The best?? Don’t know, but I sure hate that orange thing… what is it called? That fast japanese food chain!
Beijo beijo

Good night Danii,..thats ok,let`s talk about japanese food.Here in Rio we have a wide range of japa-restaurants,so I would like to add something special to taste your japa-food,to eat as much as you like fresh fish,yuo should be in Itaipaiva at Sammyaku Sushi Bar,União Industria Highway,11.811,Shopping Village Provence-store 13,Itaipaiva(024)22223553.If you like cold,come up to the mountains,take a deep breath and enjoy all night long as you wish there.

I love japanese food too

Why don’t we share tips? Hot philadelphia is really good but I love temaki.

What’s the best Japanese food restaurant in RIO? Mtisuba is really good and it is well nearby to my house

I love manekineko, but it’s really expensive. I love too but is really expensive.


we have been sharing…take a look at the previous comments…
bjo bjo

I hate japanese food.Raw fish? ARGH!!!!!!! I love stew,grilled and fried fish. Ah,I love you too.Bye .See you thrusday.OTON

I like a lot of japanese food!
Via China is my favorite restaurant for Japanese food and Chinese.
Come to a Japanese restaurant any day?!


I love chinese food too!

oh! I like japanese food, this type of food are the best thing to have around the world. I am a really sea food adict. Every Monday I go to japanese restaurant. I like hot philadelphia, but my favorite is temaki. My favorite restaurant is kotobuki, in Botafogo. have a perfect food and a incredible view for ¨Baia da Guanabara¨.
your blog is very interesting…

Thans Vitor
I’m glad you stopped by to leave a message

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