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What’s your favorite TV show?

Posted on: May 17, 2009

800x600_house_wallpaper01Although I’m not a doctor, I LOVE House M.D.

I think Dr House says everything I wanted to , but I don’t have the guts….hehehe.

He says what he wants to, whenever he wants to.

OK, OK, he’s really rude sometimes…but he’s so competent he doesn’t have to be nice to make people trust him or even like him.


he’s THE BEST!

House rocks!


22 Responses to "What’s your favorite TV show?"

I Love Visões da Raven and Eu, a Patroa e as Crianças.

he’s The [b]BESTE´S

I love Isa TKM!!


i love naruto

i love manual de sobrevivencia escolar do ned

I love I Carly


I like Prison Break
holds your attention all the time

i recommend

i love uma noite no museu 1 and 2

i love i-carly

I love House M.D.
But, to be a better guy, he needs to go back to phisical therapy, I can fix him… lol

Also, I love Fluminense Games. Nothing more exciting in 90 minutes… for better or worse… lol

Good morning Danni…I`d rather watch Dr.House.As you know,the more you study the more you learn.At broadcast,generally we have good news,but that`s my favorite ones because it really happens in almost greatest hospitals of the cities.Moreover,the program`s message is that years of work experience,much knowledge also never give up and to put your heart in what you do are increasingly features to be syccessful at anyelse carrer you choice.

My favorite is my wife and kids!
but i love Vasco Games!! Vascoo! sing with me Vinicius!! Vascoo! smlsmlsml

i love Isa tkm

i love i-carly

i love pucca

Hi Dani!!!
I love Grey’s Anatomy!!!

I LOVE Isa tkm, I-carly, Hannah Montana and My wife and kids.

I love Olivia Benson.She is Mariska Hargitay,an american actress at sitecoms LAW AND ORDER.She is sexy,without to be beautiful .Ah!Law and Order is really very interesting!

Seinfeld always. Seen the episodes a thousand times and still find them funny.
Lovely blog, Dani.

I like simpsons and Eu,a patroa e as crianças it´s so cool

I love I Carly and Zoey 101 !

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