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Let’s talk about soccer!

Posted on: June 11, 2009

What team do you root for and how would you describe rooting for that team?

Are you a soccer fan/lover?

How far would you go for your team? What would you do?

What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done for your team?

Let’s talk about soccer!



14 Responses to "Let’s talk about soccer!"


need to say more?!?!?!?!


Hey, babe, I met my husband at Maracanã!

need to say more?!?!!?!

I wore Flu jersey over my wedding gown!

Need to say more?!?!?!




Although we are on “Second or B”;I`m very proud to be a Vascão rooter.The background of my love was born a long time ago when I was only a child,and it was madden up my mind by my father,a total Vasco rooter too..Forever,Vasco will be the more overcome team I`ve ever seen..,Amazing victories when everyone no longer agree,It`s only happens to us,it`s only love..In 1997 I went to S. Paulo alone ,and had a great felling seen my team at the final against Palmeiras.I was moved there with all lack,but one thing was certain,we could be the first and it was really worthwhile..also it`s better talk about had a draft beer….see you later ,,cheare!..

Hey, babe, I met my woman at Maracanã!
need to say more?!?!!?!
I wore Flu jersey over my wedding gown!
Need to say more?!?!?!

Hey Dani! You know, i’m intelligent, then i’m Fluminense. hehehe

Looking at this picture I remember the Liberators.

i’m very fanatic, i went to almost all games this year.

Conca is a genius, and i miss the Thiago Silva, the best defender in Brazil.

Fluminense Eternal love.

Fluminense is my life.

Dani corrige ai o que estiver errado ta, não tenho certeza se ta certo…hehehe

When Fluminense lost the liberators, the day after I left with the shirt of Fluminense in the street.
That day, the weather was cloudy and sad.

Hello Dani,

My team soccer is Flamengo with very proud. I was very fanatic, today I’m light. I did many crazy for my team. I fought, I traveled, well many stories.

Enjoy yourselves

1- fluminense…..é supimpa
2- aien sou!!
3-o+longe q fui…foi o maraca a pé
4- paguei 126 reai na camisa

My soccer team is Real Madrid,I m very happy at the moment because my favorite soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo It’s playing their now.
It’s like dream to me.I didn’t had done anything crazy for my team but a hope some day I will do,because I love REAL MADRID and Cristiano Ronaldo.

my soccer team is vasco. I m not happy because vasco stay on second division. I m know one thing Vasco up on the first division. my favorite soccer player is carlos alberto he s stay in the Vasco. Im never abandoned the Vasco. Because i m love Vasco


aew so mais o Lucio Flavio he is the best

my soccer team is Flamengo, I don’t like very much soccer but I watch some matches.I did’nt do anything very crazy but I’ll never leave Flamengo for another team!!!

my soccer team is fluminense and my favorite soccer player is conca

I love fluminnense. The fluminense is best!

Kiss Dani!

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